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Photograph by Roger McKee

This 150 page book, with its 120 photographs and drawings, details how you can build light, beautiful skin-on-frame-boats. $25 includes mailing

Look inside
Because of the flexible nature of skin-on-frame boats, you can create more than 30 different boat designs from the 4 sets of plans below.
10½’ Solo Light Canoe Plans (new!) $45 (12 variations) – postage free
11½’ Solo Carry Canoe Plans $45 (12 variations) – postage free
13½’ Tandem Carry Canoe Plans (new!) $45 (8 variation) – postage free
11½’ Solo Carry Kayak Plans (new!) $60 – postage free

How to Make Elegant Variations: ways to adjust your boat’s length, width, and general shape by changing the positions of forms and/or adding forms.

  • To produce a sleeker and/or an asymmetrical craft with a bit less volume, move both or one of the end forms inward up to 3½.”
  • To gain some length and narrow ends, simply add up to 2 inches at both ends of the gunwales beyond the two outside forms.
  • Make a 13½’ canoe or kayak 15½’ long by adding 3½” between forms; or use the same method to make a 11½’ solo boat two feet longer.
  • Make an 11 ½’ canoe 13 ½”, and also widen the boat about an inch by making a second center form, giving you six forms.
  • Of course you can also shorten these boats by reversing the techniques above. For instance, you can have a wider, fuller 11 ½’ solo canoe by shortening the 13½’ tandem/solo canoe.
Brass Stembands, 3’, 3/8”, tapped, plus bronze screws $35 a pair, plus postage
¼ lb. Imitation Sinew $15 plus postage
Northern White Cedar Ribs, $2 each, plus postage
For 10½’ – 11½’ boats: includes plans, 2 brass stem bands, 30 northern white cedar ribs, 4 oz. of imitation sinew $135 + mailing = $175
For 12½’ – 13½’ boats: as above, except 35 ribs $145 + mailing = $180
For 15½’ boats: as above, except 40 ribs $150 + mailing = $180
Full Kits
These can be purchased by special arrangement for ½ the total cost of the boat. Call or email for details.
Choice of skins
12½’ of 8 oz. polyester – $45 plus postage
14½’ of 8 oz. polyester – $52 plus postage
Sawyer Paddles and Oars builds us their Sea Feather and Clearwater double paddles in a 255 cm. length, long enough to keep you dry in a double paddle canoe. Look at for photographs. Call or email for prices.
Caned Seats
Our larger-than-normal caned seats measure 12”x 14”, and like us, they are rounded in the back. – $39, plus postage.