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Photograph by Roger McKee

To purchase items, please either use Paypal or send a check to this address:

Berkshire Boat Building School
P.O. Box 578
Sheffield, MA 01257.

This 150 page book, with its 120 photographs and drawings, details how you can build light, beautiful skin-

on-frame-boats. The perfect bound book costs $26, and the popular spiral bound costs $28. Both prices include mailing in the lower 48 states.

Also check out our twenty-five minute YouTube, How to build Skin-on-Frame Double Paddle Canoes, which has a table of contents so you can go right to the part you want to see, including chapters on lashing, steaming, skinning and more.

Look inside
Because of the flexible nature of skin-on-frame boats, you can create more than 30 different boat designs from the 4 sets of plans below.
10½’ Solo Light Canoe Plans (new!) $45 (12 variations) – postage free
11½’ Solo Carry Canoe Plans $45 (12 variations) – postage free
13½’ Tandem Carry Canoe Plans (new!) $45 (8 variation) – postage free
11½’ Solo Carry Kayak Plans (new!) $60 – postage free

How to Make Elegant Variations: ways to adjust your boat’s length, width, and general shape by changing the positions of forms and/or adding forms.

  • To produce a sleeker and/or an asymmetrical craft with a bit less volume, move both or one of the end forms inward up to 3½.”
  • To gain some length and narrow ends, simply add up to 2 inches at both ends of the gunwales beyond the two outside forms.
  • Make a 13½’ canoe or kayak 15½’ long by adding 3½” between forms; or use the same method to make a 11½’ solo boat two feet longer.
  • Make an 11 ½’ canoe 13 ½”, and also widen the boat about an inch by making a second center form, giving you six forms.
  • Of course you can also shorten these boats by reversing the techniques above. For instance, you can have a wider, fuller 11 ½’ solo canoe by shortening the 13½’ tandem/solo canoe.
Brass Stembands, 3’, 3/8”, tapped, plus bronze screws $39 a pair, plus postage
¼ lb. Imitation Sinew $15 plus postage
Northern White Cedar Ribs, $2.50 each, plus postage
Partial Kit
This includes a set of plans, 20-26 ribs, sinew, stembands, and a skin. Call or email for details.
Choice of skins
12½’ of 8 oz. polyester – $45 plus postage
14½’ of 8 oz. polyester – $52 plus postage
Call or email for prices.
Caned Seats
Our larger-than-normal caned seats measure 12”x 14”, and like us, they are rounded in the back. – $39, plus postage.