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Photograph by Roger McKee

Our canoes weigh between 17 lbs for our 10½’ solo light model up to 40 pounds for the 15½’ version. The smaller boats are perfect for ponds, flat water rivers, estuaries and all but the largest lakes, while the 15½’ canoe can be used for tripping across larger waters. Our 13½’ Kayak weighs about 35 pounds - much lighter than wooden or fiberglass boats.

Note: The costs listed below apply to courses offered only at our home base in Sheffield, MA. For information about courses taught elsewhere, check the websites listed in Classes and Events.

Courses Bt Special Arrangement
Many of our students prefer to set up their own classes at convenient times, often on consecutive weekends.
2-4 Day Courses

In these inexpensive courses offered at sites in MA, NY, and VT, we will typically build an ultra light (20 pound), skin-on-frame, double paddle canoe or 11½’ kayak. However, students designing their own course can build any of our boats. Students will be given a list of materials sources and a step-by-step written explanation of the skin-on-frame building process, so that — with the additional aid of their own notes and photographs from this course — they will be able to build their own skin-on-frame canoe or kayak.

Depending on the number of students, we will build one or possibly two boats, which will be raffled off at the end of the class, with a charge to cover the cost of materials and fabricating the basic parts, which is about one-half the cost of the five day course.

Tuition: $100 is day at our home base in Sheffield. For tuitions at other locations, see the appropriate websites listed in Classes and Events.

5-6 Day Courses

Build our modified canoes and kayaks.
During both our scheduled classes and our specially arranged classes, you can modify all of the boats described below: Lengthen or shorten the boat; make it deeper or less deep; or narrow or widen it at the bow, stern, and/or center. Look at the plans and photos in our Store for ideas and then contact us for more details.

Build a Custom Canoe or Kayak (4-8 days).
You can build a custom skin-on-frame boat by modifying the boats described below or by using other plans. This has become our most popular course. The website is an excellent source of skin-on-frame plans and inspirations. Costs vary according to the boat we build.

Build the NEW Solo Light, a 10½’ Canoe (5 days)
27" wide, 9" deep, weighs about 18 pounds, maneuvers easily, and carries 250 pounds. Since this canoe is easy to car-top, you'll find yourself using it frequently. Its delicate lines and light weight make this boat my favorite.
Tuition: $545 (partner: $300)
Materials: $450

Build the Solo Carry, a 11½' Canoe (5 days)
28" wide, 9½" deep, weighs about twenty pounds, maneuvers easily, and carries 300 pounds. Since this canoe is easy to car-top, you'll find yourself using it frequently.
Tuition: $545 (partner: $300)
Materials: $450

Build the Solo/Tandem 13½’ Canoe (5 days)
30" wide, 10" deep, weights about 32 lbs., carries 320 lbs. Perfect for a day's paddle and a picnic. Rig it as a solo, a tandem with a carrying yoke, or as a solo/tandem.
Tuition: $700 (partner: $300)
Materials: $550

Build the NEW solo/Tandem 15½’ Canoe (5 days)
31" wide, 10" deep, designed for cruising and canoe camping, tracks well, weights about 37 lbs., carries 400 lbs.
Tuition: $750 (partner: $300)
Materials: $600

Build one of our NEW Solo Carry Kayaks, either 11½’ or 13½’ (6 days)
These two recreational kayaks have a large cockpit, are 28” wide and weigh either 28 or 35 lbs., depending on the length. Much lighter than store-bought boats and extremely maneuverable.
Materials: $550